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A web application designed to capture intellectual property  

With over 50 years of providing beneficial soil environments for American farmers to produce healthy and bountiful crops that feed our nation, Trical needed a business application to harvest and store the accumulated experience and knowledge of Trical leadership.


Our Challenge

Trical, founded in 1961 by three young men, Richard Storkan, Jerry Hanes, and Robert McCaslin, had a mission to achieve commercial soil fumigation using extremely tailored and specialized methods. Our goal was to create a powerful application to collect and organize the thousands of unique tested trials they established to a secure database. Out in the field, reps required a clean, organized user interface that could search unlimited data inputs and return a specific, tried and tested solution.

Tried and True Solutions Dashboard


Powerful search Tools & Database

 Clean, Quick Interface:

Since consultants in the field needed instant access, we designed an icon rich interface with larger buttons, typeface, and search search features. Responsive design made the web application accessible from any device.

  Search and Sort:

Advanced criteria based search functions allow consultants to narrow their search to extremely unique conditions to find the most accurate solution. A keyword search gives them the ability to jump easily to a broad selection of results.

  Data Export and Analysis:

Because we developed individualized search field, Trical could now export each field of data to analyze by multiple criteria. Not only is their intellectual property cataloged and stored, it’s available to R&D for data mining.

  Amazon Server Configuration:

With thousands of trials, and new consultants accessing this knowledge base daily, the Amazon server gives Trical the speed and scalability necessary to meet demand.


New Trials added everyday


Project Scope

User Dashboard

Query Pages

  •  Keyword search programming
  •  Advanced criteria based search
  •  Wide to narrow results filtering
  •  Exportable results pages

Database Development

Trial Results

  •  Treated vs untreated photo gallery
  •  Project story and description
  •  Exportable to proposal pdf
  •  Able to add new trials

Secure Login

  •  Secured Https configuration
  •  Dynamic captcha programming
  •  Email username & password recovery
  •  Automatic lock out features

Quality Assurance

  •  5 stage quality assurance plan
  •  Real user beta testing
  •  2 year glitch warranty

Additional Case Studies.