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Good Feet Worldwide

Premium Arch Supports That Strengthen, Maintain, and Relax

Seeks to improve the quality of people’s lives - two feet at a time.

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Project Overview

Good Feet is a premium-positioned arch supports manufacturer that creates insoles that are personally fit to each of their consumer’s specific arch support needs. Good Feet Arch Supports are engineered to fit each consumer’s feet with precision to distribute pressure evenly across the foot to provide stability and balance, align the body up the kinetic chain, and reduce pain in the feet, knees, hips, or back. They break the orthopedic mold with their 3-part insole system which includes a Strengthener that repositions and improves foot alignment, a Maintainer that maintains the new arch infrastructure, and a Relaxer that supports the foot and offers a rest period from the alignment work. When worn together, the system helps improve foot-related problems and helps reduce - or even eliminate - body pain. Our goal at Dog and Rooster was to create a website that is contemporary, uncluttered, and professional but also relays the message that The Good Feet Store is human-focused and cares for its costumers. We wanted to ensure that the website clearly tells consumers that The Good Feet Store provides insoles which they can get fitted for and try out before they make a purchase.

Good Feet Worldwide
Good Feet Worldwide
Good Feet Worldwide


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LAUNCH SITE: www.goodfeet.com

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