• Tix Alert

tix alert

Native App Development paired with a robust Web Database.

TixAlert is a revolutionary mobile application dedicated to helping drivers avoid parking citations originating from expired meters, complex street sweeping schedules, and unclear parking regulations.


Application Design

Tix Alert
Tix Alert
Tix Alert
Tix Alert

UI & UX Design


A revolutionary new mobile application, Tix Alert utilizes voice and sound warnings, GPS trackers, and regulation reference databases to help its users avoid parking tickets. TixAlert alerts drivers to high-risk parking situations through voice and sound and provides GPS directions back to the car. Data collected on street sweeping zones, yellow zones, red zones, and long- and short-term parking was used in conjunction with GPS technology to keep drivers worry-free about their parking spot.



  •  Informational website
  •  News and events
  •  Social media

Web Database

  •  City and street database
  •  Street sweeping zones, red and yellow zones
  •  Short and long term parking zones with rules
  •  Database updated with custom CMS

Submission and Registration

  •  Pre UDID testing
  •  Quality assurance testing
  •  IOS and Android business set up

Native Mobile Application Building

  •  GPS pin
  •  Time stamping
  •  Timers and alerts
  •  Voice and sound warnings


  •  Flow chart prototyping
  •  Design and analysis
  •  User experience testing

Additional Case Studies.