• La Jolla


Creating a Brand and Resource for the City of La Jolla

The objective: make LaJolla.com the go to resource for locals, visitors and potential residents looking for that perfect place to find the unique experience they are looking for. Present LaJolla.com as one of the most iconic destinations in the world and the only logical choice to feel invigorated, refreshed, relaxed and free.


Branding Goals

brand research:

To expose the competitors, their strengths and weaknesses. To find the sweet spot for LaJolla.com and attract their core users.

brand strategy:

To reveal the secret of La Jolla, the true La Jolla. To define a brand tone, voice, personality. To set a clear vision and mission for LaJolla.com.

brand supports:

To create a distinct logo and website with associated marketing collateral.


Unlimited Database Potential

La Jolla

Easy to Navigate Directory


Research & Analysis

Who is out there?

Our competitive analysis revealed three tiers of competitors operating at varying levels of success. We found the ideal position for La Jolla.com to exploit.

Who is La Jolla talking to?

It turns out, quite a lot of people. We identified four clear standout groups who LaJolla.com could appeal to directly.


B2B Building Membership

La Jolla

B2B and B2C Database and Functionality

B2C Directory

  •  Human Interest Articles
  •  Hotels and Restaurants
  •  Things to Do and Events
  •  Mobile Responsive

B2B Subscription

  •  Partner Registration
  •  Partner Dashboard
  •  Upgrade and Renew Subscription
  •  Tier Vendor Pricing

B2B Dashboard

  •  Profile Updating and Enhancing
  •  Photo Gallery and News Feed
  •  Booking and Reservation System
  • Events Posting


LAUNCH SITE: www.lajolla.com

Additional Case Studies.