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Five Alarm Security

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To provide safety and peace of mind to everyone, Five Alarm Security, a family-owned company offers the best service for alarm systems, fire protection, access control and hosted video for both residents and businesses. cha


Five Alarm Security needed the new website that bring in leads and sales with the ecommerce. The website had to serve to reach the people that only shop online and it will impress the people who want a human touch but needed to see a great website before picking up the phone. Our goal at Dog and Rooster was to create a platform for customers to search and find perfect products and purchase without lost in checkout process. In order to attract main target audience, millennial, we kept the site simple and approachable.


The Work

Five Alarm Security
Five Alarm Security
Five Alarm Security



 Clean, Quick Interface:

In order to keep the user experience as smooth as possible, we designed the website with a simple and straightforward user interface.

Mobile responsive design

A responsive design ensures that the website is not only accessible but also mobile-friendly for users on mobile devices.

 Ecommerce development

Dog and Rooster designed an online platform for users to engage in offline advertising opportunities. Buyers and sellers can easily manage their products and purchases.

Custom management system

A custom content management system allows AdThrone to easily add and change images and content without having to learn to code.

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