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Digital Proteomics

Branding and web design for innovative products

As leaders in software development for mass spectrometry, Digital Proteomics team of scientists developed a product to move you from raw data to biological results faster and more accurately than ever before. They needed a new logo and website to emphasize the authority and collaboration they have in a tight industry.


Brand Direction

Digital Proteomics software achieves their results with high sensitivity, accuracy, and efficiency. They creatively integrate their tools to provide solutions. Using those strong brand promises as directives, we created a logo that would communicate their leadership and innovation. Calling out their authority with over 300 peer-reviewed publications, we designed an easily searchable archive organized by category tags.

Digital Proteomics Solutions

Digital Proteomics
Digital Proteomics

Built For Recognition

 Logo Design:

Create a unique mark to stand out as innovative, expert and collaborative. They also wanted to see their initials integrated to the symbol. No problem. After designing all those features, the resulting mark can work alone.

 Website Design:

Design a scientific, but inviting user interface, allowing visitors to read any of the hundreds of published works in the field. Add an extremely straightforward navigation and the products speak for themselves.

 Wordpress Content Management:

Although a custom content manager was recommended for storing their ever-expanding publications database, budget constraints made a WordPress admin the winning solution.

 Responsive Design:

We chose a responsive theme, but made further tweaks to get it just right, guaranteeing we don’t lose any mobile readers to poor usability.


Responsive Design


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