• AdThrone


Mobile responsive / web development / Ecommerce

AdThrone is the brainchild of entrepreneur Alex Levine. Levine realized that there is an opportunity to expedite the fundraising process by helping non-profits connect with sponsor companies. He expanded this idea to also incorporate businesses that had offline advertising opportunity. Hence, AdThrone was born. 

Our Challenge

AdThrone aims to be the premier marketplace for businesses to engage in and manage offline advertising opportunities. Our goal at Dog and Rooster was to create a platform for buyers to connect directly with sellers while being able to research offline advertising opportunities and manage their ads in one place. In order to attract and retain users, we also had to keep the site simple and approachable.

The Work



Clean, Quick Interface:

In order to keep the user experience as smooth as possible, we designed the website with a simple and straightforward user interface.

Mobile responsive design

A responsive design ensures that the website is not only accessible but also mobile-friendly for users on mobile devices.

Ecommerce development

Dog and Rooster designed an online platform for users to engage in offline advertising opportunities. Buyers and sellers can easily manage their products and purchases.

Custom management system

A custom content management system allows AdThrone to easily add and change images and content without having to learn to code.

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