• The Maca Team

The Maca Team

Sharing the Best of Peruvian Maca to the World.

Archaeologists have found evidence of Maca being stored in caves as old as 10,000 years in Peru. In the Incan society, Maca was valued more than gold. Maca has been gaining popularity in recent years due to its wide-ranging benefits. Now, The Maca Team is bringing Maca to you.


Our Challenge

The Maca Team is a family run company of Maca specialists that are passionate to share the benefits of Peruvian grown Maca to the world. Having been in business in the U.S. for over 10 years, The Maca Team aims to expand their operations overseas. Our team at Dog and Rooster designed this custom-built website to help The Maca Team reach out to as many people as possible. Since The Maca Team provides direct-to-consumer services, we designed an online shop that is simple and intuitive to use to help them serve as many customers as possible.

The Work

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