UI/UX Design

UI/UX Design and Development


intuitive design & site architecture

Clean, clear, and aesthetically-pleasing are important goals and never an after thought. We engineer well-architected websites and applications that invite exploration and entice user action. We focus on compelling graphics, custom iconography, and clear visual road posts that get your users to the place they want to be quickly and elegantly. Our site architecture includes:

  •  Customer Account Dashboard
  •  Member Driven Data Websites
  •  Back Office Dashboard & Control Panels
  •  Administrator Control Panels
  •  Member Forums and Bulletin Boards
  •  eLearning Apps & Education Modules
  •  Intranets/Staff Dashboards/Portals
  •  Reseller & White Label Dashboards
  •  Directory & Profile Development
  •  iPad & iPhone App Design & Flow
  •  Play Game Interface
  •  Kiosk Design & Flow

translate ideas into proven success

Capture users. And invite them back for more.

Intuitive, engaging and easy to use are important goals and never an after thought. We capture real people’s perceptions in order to inform every project decision when it comes to the user experience. Beginning with information/function architecture, through flow analysis, and then beta testing we continually explore the best, most effective and stimulating experience for the user.


information architecture

Information architecture focuses on organizing and labeling website content to support usability and effectiveness.

flow analysis

To help you improve the quality of your site, we monitor and analyze your sitemap and data.

beta testing

Beta testing is the last stage of testing before a site is launched. It involves troubleshooting by testing the site outside the company for real-world exposure.