social network website:

a member-driven model to meet consumer demands

The web is more representative of human interaction and we are now living in the Era of Social Networks. Even though we see huge social networks like Facebook, Pinterest and Linkedin dominating the scene, the real story and connection comes from niche social networks. Broadly speaking, a social networking website focuses on building social relationships among people who share interests, activities, backgrounds, or real-life connections. Members drive the content and function of the site, by updating their profile, social links, and a variety of additional services and activities.


Our social network websites are custom built to reflect your vision and goals. Our award-winning design staff creates a visually appealing user interface with exacting attention to user experience and activity flow. Our programmers build the site up from a module based platform that allows the ability to easily enhance your website as the community grows. Custom add-on features are constructed from scratch for optimum integration into our PHP-driven social network framework.

integrated functionality

  •  Facebook Connect & Email Login
  •  Photo Gallery & Comments
  •  Private Messages & Message Board
  •  Rich Text Blog
  •  Community Discussion & Forum Threads
  •  Event Calendar
  •  Content Flagging
  •  Content Management System
  •  Advanced Statistics
  •  Viral Downloadable Media
  •  User Polls
  •  Ecommerce Marketplace
  •  Affiliate Programs
  •  Music / MP3 Players
  •  User Dashboards & Profiles
  •  YouTube Video Gallery & Comments
  •  Friends List
  •  Editing Wall Comments
  •  Featured Content
  •  Classifieds
  •  Basic Email Notifications
  •  Database Development
  •  Customizable Profiles
  •  Facebook Applications
  •  Contests
  •  Tiered Memberships
  •  White Labeling
  •  Intro Animations
  •  Status Update Feed
  •  Media Rating System
  •  Blogs & Blog Comments
  •  Basic Privacy Settings
  •  Group Meetings
  •  Criteria Based Search
  •  Administrator Panel
  •  Ad Management System
  •  Profile Themes & Skins
  •  Flickr & Twitter Feeds
  •  Chat & IM
  •  User Storefronts
  •  User Generated Keywords
  •  Animated Games