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  • The Project

    Website Refresh for Sales & Marketing Consulting Company

    Project summary:

    The client needed a website that conveys professionalism and allows them to build trust with potential clients. Our team at Dog and Rooster helped them achieve those goals by creating a simple and fresh new informational site where companies can validate their business.

    The Review

     We chose Dog & Rooster to build our Website. Dog & Rooster was very attentive and listened to our input and made sure the they captured all our design thoughts.

    Sep 26, 2017
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    • Quality: 5.0
    • Schedule: 5.0
    • Cost: 5.0
    • Willing to refer: 5.0
    Feedback summary:

    Dog and Rooster’s website creation was well-received by our users and has led to an increased number of clients. Our website truly showcases our companies professionalism and ability to deliver superior results.

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