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White Labs

Pure Yeast and Fermentation

Advancing fermentation and explaining the science behind creating cultures for beverage makers worldwide


Project Overview

White Labs pushes the boundaries of brewing in order to create quality cultures needed to make delicious fermented beverages. They are constantly exploring and discovering new scientific ways to raise the bar in the art of fermentation. Creating the best liquid yeast, while cultivating a community through sharing their knowledge of the industry is how White Labs aims to be the best and most innovative yeast company in the world. Our goal at Dog and Rooster was to create a modern, polished, and professional site that is easy for users to navigate. The new website makes it easy to locate White Labs’ Yeast Bank and Vault so that users can easily access the information they need to understand how the brewers are stretching the limits of science to provide purity and freshness in their products.

The Work

White Labs
White Labs
White Labs


Custom Web Design

  •  Lab Services Archives
  •  Classes and Events Archive
  •  Store Locator

Content Management System

  •  Page Management
  •  Administrator Controls
  •  API Integration

Marketing Applications

  •  Mobile Responsive Design
  •  Products Gallery
  •  Mega Menu Navigation system

LAUNCH SITE: whitelabs.com

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