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Tariq Khamisa Foundation

Strong platform for a human services organization

Creating safer schools and communitites through educating and inspiring youth in the restorative principles of accountability, compassion, forgiveness & peacemaking.


Project Overview

TKF was founded in 1995 after a  college student of Tariq Khamisa was killed by a 14-year-old gang member, Tony Hicks. Tony was tried as an adult and sentenced to 25 years in prison. Tariq’s father, Azim Khamisa, and Tony’s grandfather, Ples Felix, came together in the spirit of healing to end youth violence. Our goal at Dog and Rooster was to redesign their website in a way that it will inform and teach children about the  restorative principles of accountability, empathy, and peacemaking. A website that is welcoming and has a user-friendly interface. Furthermore, a fully responsive and interactive new website that delivers the message of the founders to children, parents and the community. A website that will continuously inspire many lives. 

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LAUNCH SITE: tkf.org

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