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Pacific West Builders is comprised of highly experienced and committed individuals with a seasoned and diverse range of construction related expertise who understand the importance of their individual roles and how those roles synergize for an efficient, creative and successful collaborative effort.


Project Overview

Pacific West Builders performed construction projects spanning a wide variety of budgets, scopes and complexities in the private sector for residential, commercial, institutional and light industrial clients and in the public sector for a multitude of State and Federal government users, including all arms of the Department of Defense (Army, Airforce, Navy and Marine Corp) as well as the United States Forest Service and National Guard.   The goal of Pacific West Builders’ website is to enable potential clients to review the company’s capabilities, instill confidence, entice them to give Pac West the opportunity to work on their project. To achieve this goal, Dog and Rooster redesigned a modern interactive website to attract client’s wide range of audiences: from commercial to the public sector. 

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Pacific West Builders

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Custom Web Design

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LAUNCH SITE: www.pacwstbldrs.com

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