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GED match

Custom Web Development

GEDmatch is a free genetic genealogy website used to find, analyze, and compare DNA shared with others.

Project Overview

GEDmatch is a genealogy website that provides people with more applications for comparing their DNA test results with most people worldwide. After testing with one genetic company, upload your results to GEDmatch and you will be given access to matches. You can see how much DNA you share with those matches, and discover and analyze your biogeographical ancestry, or ethnic background. You will be able to search among 1.4 million users in our growing genealogical database. The goal of GEDmatch’s website is to share with users in a clear and simple way what GEDmatch is and how it works. The website will tell users that GEDmatch is different because they are a companion to websites like 23 & Me, in that they share DNA results and matches in order to give the user the most matches possible. Our challenge at Dog and Rooster was to create a website that is user friendly. We created an intuitive navigation system that allows consumers to move from page to page with ease in a way that is not too overwhelming. The professional and easy to navigate website acts as a platform for helping people find answers about themselves and their families through in-depth DNA family tree research.

Before & After

GED Match

LAUNCH SITE: www.gedmatch.com/

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