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Foundation Art School

Custom Web Development

Teaching students the fundamentals, and providing the feedback they need in order to excel in their art journeys.

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Project Overview

Foundation Art School is different from other online art schools. It focuses on teaching the basic, foundational skills needed for higher complexity courses, while providing direct feedback and guidance. They offer classes at different price points, which offer various levels of instruction and critiques. The instructor, Brian’s unique drawing style simplifies complex concepts, which makes learning figure, head, and perspective drawing easier. Dog and Rooster was asked to create a custom ecommerce site that would act as a platform for instruction, include payment integration, and look professional. The website we created uses a combination of dynamic elements, modern design techniques, and a subtle color scheme to create an engaging user experience, highlight Brian’s classes, and get people excited about art.


Foundation Art School
Foundation Art School
Foundation Art School


Custom Website Development

  •  Classes Archives
  •  FAQ Archive
  •  Registration Options

Shopping Cart

  •  Checkout Wizard CSS
  •  Gateway account integration
  •  Admin Email Alerts

Marketing Applications

  •  Mobile Responsive Design
  •  Virtual Contact Form
  •  Mega Menu Navigation system

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