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Fit Bodywrap

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FIT Bodywrap is the next step in infrared health technology, with other countless benefits including weight loss, pain relief, and detoxification.


Project Overview

FIT Bodywrap provides their clients with the materials and training they need to institute their own FIT infrared therapy clinics. This therapy can be life changing, and has enormous health benefits, both cosmetic and medical. In addition to weight loss, this technology helps with pain relief, anti-aging, skin care, cellulite reduction, mind/body wellness, and much more! In order to better represent this, Dog and Rooster redesigned their previous site to be more user centered and personal. Now, their website clearly emphasizes their passion for innovative, effective wellness treatments, and their commitment to safety.

The Work

Fit Bodywrap
Fit Bodywrap
Fit Bodywrap

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LAUNCH SITE: www.fitbodywrap.com

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