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ADARx’s technology identifies a wide range of disease targets and chooses the best RNA targeting approach to deliver transformative precision therapeutics.


Project Overview

The team at ADARx is made up of experts, who are passionate innovators, and are looking for solutions in therapeutic intervention. ADARx is an innovative, values driven organization that believes people come first. They are constantly working to advance their efficient drug platform and creating a pipeline of therapeutics to address intractable diseases. ADARx’s RNA targeting therapeutics pipeline is currently focused on genetic, cardiometabolic, and central nervous system diseases. Their programs are the future of therapeutic RNA and gene editing solutions.

ADARx came to Dog and Rooster for expert help developing their brand identity and creating a website that accurately represents their expertise. We designed ADARx, a meaningful logo that highlights their work in RNA technologies, and reflects the company’s identity. Their new logo and site are Creative, and display how Passionate and Caring ADARx is. We carefully curated images and fonts to create the ideal look for their site. We took ADARx’s heavily scientific and technological content, and designed a site that conveys it in a pleasing way, with an easily understandable layout. 

Dog and Rooster deployed an SEO campaign for ADARx which focused on Technical Optimization, Content, and Brand Awareness. The goal of the campaign was to increase Search Visibility and Brand Recognition. Since the campaign has started, Organic Search has become the top user acquisition channel with an Organic Click Through Rate(CTR) of over 20%.




Website Redesign

  •  Rebranding the website
  •  Photo Curation
  •  Research Archive

Marketing Applications

  •  Contact Form
  •  Mobile Responsive Design
  •  News Archive

Search Engine Optimization

  •  Technical Optimization
  •  Content Strategy
  •  Brand Awareness

SEO result


SEO Service

Utilizing the Brand Pillar of SEO for increased Search Visibility


  •  Over 20% Organic CTR
  •  +68% Search Visibility

LAUNCH SITE: www.adarx.com/

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