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Conor P. Donnelley

WordPress Web Design and Brand Marketing

Tax and accounting professionals with nearly 2 decades of experience serving clients across all industries.

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Project Overview

Conor P. Donnelley specializes in individual and business tax preparation with a mission to provide clients with the most effective tax, accounting, and consulting services available. However, with nearly 2 decades of experience, Donnelley’s reputation as a well-experienced and established CPA in San Diego was significantly underrepresented online. Donnelley reached out to Dog and Rooster to help him overcome the marketing challenge that his company faced.

Our strategy at Dog and Rooster was to create a web platform to further add credibility to his existing reputation online as a highly skilled and experienced CPA. Utilizing the WordPress platform, we agreed to create a user-focused website equipped with standard lead generation, an integrated lead management system, and an easy-to-use Content Management System(CMS), which allowed for easy content updates after launch. Our design team worked closely with Donnelley during the design phase to ensure his brand definitions, experience, and values were being defined accurately in the page mockups. We chose the Serif font and navy blue color shade to visualize professionalism and a trustworthy appeal to the website’s users and potential clients. Following design, our team proceeded with the development phase and executed a smooth site launch. The new website allows users to navigate through Conor P. Donnelley’s brand seamlessly while providing a welcoming and friendly experience.


Conor Donnelley
Conor Donnelley


WordPress Web Design

  •  UI/UX Process
  •  Mobile Focused
  •  Simple CMS System

Lead Generation

  •  Contact Form
  •  Integrated CRM
  •  Strategic Lead Funnel

Brand Marketing

  •  Brand Definition
  •  Brand Value
  •  Brand Experience

LAUNCH SITE: donnelleycpa.com

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