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Amparo Medical is the leader in custom formulated hydrocolloids, used for everything from Insulin Pump Attachments to acne treatment.

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Project Overview

As leaders in custom formulated hydrocolloids, Amparo Medical is able to provide medical device engineers and manufacturers with the highest quality hydrocolloids out there. Their custom formulation and quick order turnaround time are what set them apart from others in the industry. Manufacturers and engineers use hydrocolloids for Insulin Pump Attachments, acne treatments, and a number of other medical products. 
Amparo Medical’s old site had an outdated design that didn’t utilize many images or incorporate modern design techniques. Their site was also extremely text heavy, and not user friendly. Dog and Rooster addressed these problems in the site’s redesign, providing Amparo Medical with a modern, user centered website. Their new site has plenty of the company’s own images, as well as a video showing their process, which allows users to better understand their business and products. We also incorporated an Interactive Homepage to attract more users. We are proud of the work we have done for Amparo Medical, and are confident in its success.

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Website Design

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