Mobile Applications Marketing

build relationships to get your app discovered!

Marketing your mobile app requires a multi-pronged attack that is well coordinated and systematic. We will promote your app through as many channels as possible so you can dominate the app store.

Mobile Application Marketing

Get your app discovered! With millions of apps across iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and other platforms, standing out in the ocean of available apps is becoming increasingly difficult. To get the world to use your app, you will need to pursue an aggressive, multi-faceted app marketing strategy that includes pre and post-launch work. Mobile app marketing consists of organic marketing and paid marketing.


organic promotion (BUDGET RESTRAINTS)

  •  Sign up for app store analytics
  •  Get featured on app review sites
  •  Reach out to reviewers
  •  Increase social sharing of your app
  •  Get top user rating

paid promotion

  •  Install Mobile App Tracking
  •  Calculate “Top Chart” Downloads Needed
  •  Run burst campaigns to rise in the Top Chart

compliment your app with
website development

Even though you made a fantastic mobile app, your website still matters. Whenever somebody writes an article about your app, they will want to link to your homepage on the web, and your app’s detail page in the app stores. Whenever a potential user searches Google for your app, they’ll find both your app’s detail page and your homepage. Use your website to convert web visitors into users, keep in contact with your users, and build your user database.

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