microsite design

Technically, a microsite is a web site – albeit a small one. It usually consists of one or at most a few web pages. They are most often used along with a full web site. A microsite is the evolution of the landing page. Microsites provide a clear path putting a laser focus on a product or service.

A microsite can be built into your site as a temporary part of your site, so users have the comfort of a new experience within a site they are already accustomed to. Or you can build your microsite as a spin off with its own URL, that keeps the company tone and format (think Nike, Nike Sports or Coke). A microsite, although usually created for a temporary need, many times turns into a long term website that evolves on its own.

new product rollout

Publicize a new product before it hits the public. A new product microsite can help increase hype, give customers forefront knowledge, or give the company vital pre launch feedback. Many great new product microsites use a game, video or animation format to increase fun and publicity. Other new product microsites give full specs, pricing and offer early bird purchasing.


Blog formats encourage speculation and discussion. A microsite that is blog-based or form-based can help you assess if customers or staff are on the same page as you are. New company policy, project proposals, potential new services or products in idea phase can be shared and discussed.

Antenna View case study

D-Tech Communications wanted a comprehensive training platform for people, business owners and wireless operators to learn and stay informed about the dangers of radio frequency radiation. Since this platform would serve as a separate educational product from their main services, they decided to go with a microsite. The microsite, although separate in branding and service, works in tandem to D-Tech’s main website and services.  


Microsites are the perfect solution for events that need to be managed by registration and or deliver a lot of information to participants. From the simplest office Christmas party or family reunion to more involved events that need registration, payment, and or coordination between participants.

competition or incentive

These microsites are very popular. Usually built in a graphical or game format, competition microsites can be used to encourage friendly competition between staff departments, branches, and franchises. Competitions can range from increasing sales to who recycles the most.

Training module or how-to

Sometimes these sites are built out of emergency if a product or service was publicized without enough instruction or with incorrect information. When this happens, a microsite is built to service confused customers and take service tickets. Most often, Training Microsites are build for staff or internal purposes, such as required sexual harassment training, or if all staff needs to be educated on a new service or product. FAQ’s are the simplest format, then moving into video, animation or education “wizards” that require the user to move through the program in a prescribed order. Test and Certification modules can also be built as microsites depending on the scope.