behind every success...

You'll usually find a multi-pronged marketing strategy, an unforgettable brand, an arsenal of print marketing tools, and a powerful and dynamic website with user relevant web applications.


small agency, big ideas

Dog and Rooster is a small, flexible, print and web marketing company which allows us to maintain control of the creative product and give our clients a lot of personal attention. There is no bureaucracy to overcome and no corporate pyramid to bog down the creative process. When we work with clients, we involve them in every step along the way.

Mobile App Registration

On Target Concept Development. We match vision and mission to solid, creative design work. Output designed for multiple platforms means your logo will look good on a business card, bus, or website.

Print Marketing

It is All About Exposure. Your logo and overall design concept consistently applied to Business Cards, Letterhead, Email, Newsletter, Brochures, Pocket Folders, Annual Reports, Flyers, Posters, Coffee Cups and more.

Online Marketing

Creating Online Presence. More and more, your web site is the first exposure people have to your company. Starting with user friendly, interactive design, and using all the power of Web 2.0, social media, streamlined information architecture, and custom website applications, we build you a highly visible website. Implementing share technology, SEO, and Search Engine Optimized web construction your site will proudly appear at the top of a Google search.

Social Media

Communication. Using Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, WordPress, and YouTube to show who your company is, has never been easier. And your clients want to show you off too, through sharing API integration. Let your fans create new fans.

Reputation Management

Positive Experiences. Sometimes there is one client out of a 1000, who you just can't please. Don't let that ruin an unblemished record. We can dampen the impact of unfair, online ratings.