Website Support and Maintenance

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Maintaining, updating, and evolving your website to meet your marketing and client needs does not have to be an extra job for your staff. With one of our maintenance and support plans, you can control your marketing budget, use the full power and technical knowledge of our staff, and meet the demands of a quickly changing online marketplace.

Basic Maintenance

  •   Updating images, text, navigation
  •   Entering new products and inventory
  •   Updating banners and graphics
  •   Updating coupons and discounts
  •   Photography touch ups
  •   Text updates to print work

New Content Development

  •   Adding or removing pages
  •   Copywriting/Blogging
  •   Graphics Building
  •   Video and Photo Gallery
  •   New or Additive Functionality
  •   Enhanced Features to Existing Modules
  •   New Module Building

Updates & Troubleshooting

  •   Browser updating and patching
  •   Extended browser reaching or cross platform development
  •   Troubleshooting & Customer Support Tickets
  •   Hacker Clean up and reinstalls
  •   Evaluating new technology, vendors or proposals
  •   SEO & Copywriting