Content without strategy is just a bunch of lost words.

Content should cultivate community and catapult consumers into action. It should always drive design, not the other way around. When we help develop content for our clients, we use a full-proof five phase strategy.

The five phases of content strategy

Analysis + Planning + Generation + Governing + Growing


Look at existing content and decide what's valuable and what's just "filler". Ask around. Talk to clients and staff to find out what they think is working and what is not. Create an overall checklist of who's currently in charge of content generation and the ways it's being delivered.


Once content problem areas and strengths have been pinpointed, create a strategy for creating, managing and organizing content. An information Architecture and/or Site Map is an optimal way to organize content into a hierarchy.


Generating content is not only about copy. Content includes photography, graphics, videos, articles and slideshows to name a few. All content should feel consistent, on brand and unique to your business and message. Our expert copywriters, photographers and designers can all be a part of your working team if need be. We can also help you determine the best business applications to use for your content delivery.

Govern & Grow

Once your new content is launched, it will continually need to be monitored, evaluated and refreshed. Getting feedback from customers and staff, overseeing your web analytics and spot audits will need to be part of the plan. The long-term success of your site depends on your maintenance.

Areas that will need to be maintained:

  •  Copywriting
  •  SEO
  •  Corporate
  •  Press Release Marketing
  •  Syndication