Content Management System

change what you want, when you want

Dog and Rooster, Inc's custom content manager allows you to update your text, photos, graphics easily and instantly. Standard features include: text editor and layout tools, image importing and placement, style settings, link creation. Our tool bar gives you a wide range of practical tools not seen in other "out of the box" content managers such as table creation, advanced link building and image manipulation. If you are handy with html code, you can view your content in code. Another option is delegating your content management to us. For a monthly fee you can have us update your website regularly– text, photos, products, blogging, newletters, and more. We keep your content fresh and relevant, leaving you more time for business development.

dynamic content management

By customizing our content manager to your website, we can ensure your typeface and other CSS settings are not affected. And when you add something new, it will fit perfectly into the overall design.

  •   Easy to Use, Advanced Tools
  •   Update Yourself
  •   Fully Customizable
  •   Expandable Platform
Dynamic Content Management

PRos and cons: Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla, etc.

"Off the rack" solutions integrate third party code into your website. This type of content management is attractive to users due to platform familiarity and initial budget constraints. The cons are limited functionality (functions are as-is), additional code cannot integrate seamlessly, and there is no customization (it's not scalable). So, what does this mean for your business? As your business grows, you will outgrow your content manager.