What Kind of Mobile App Do You Need to Build?

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June 27, 2013
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It’s easy to distinguish between good website design and bad design. Creating the best web design for a company means creating a space where all the visual and functional elements come together to communicate a company product or service. We can easily see the difference between an outdated, dysfunctional website and a well organized, app based website.

We recently worked with CCS Cabinets to redesign their website from an outdated flash and music based design to a clean, professional design. For CCS, the best web design for them meant eliminating any distracting elements and allowing visitors to zero in on their amazing work. In these before and after shots you can easily see the difference good design makes to improve their brand and product visibility.

Before and After Examples of bad to good web design

To create the best web design possible for a client, we need to take design and functionality to a new level and analyze the information architecture, web applications used, usability flow and interactivity that takes place on the company website. Spine Zone recently went through are brand and redesign with us to prepare for franchising. Their main goal: to differentiate themselves.

Examples of best web design

At first glance their original site doesn’t look so bad. But, after we started to talk with Spine Zone we realized the company vision of healing back injury through active physical therapy did not show up in the brand mark/graphics/text they used on the site. Clichéd copy and generic top navigation and formatting did not help their web design either. We worked through a new, inspiring identity mark first that explains Spine Zone in a snap shot, then we moved to humanize their site and communicate their main message of healing and living an active life.

Screenshot of an actual bounce rate report

You might think you don’t have “an eye” for design, or maybe good design and bad design looks somewhat similar to you. But in the end isn’t design in the eye of the beholder? Yes! and the beholders are your possible customers and there is a sure fire way to measure how good your web design is because the best web design should improve your bottom line. By looking at your website analytics, especially the bounce rate, designers know if they are doing a good job or not. Your bounce rate should drop by at least 15-20% after a website redesign.

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