Use a Website to Improve Customer Relationships

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May 3, 2012
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Want more customers? Have a website Nobis Cartel that increases revenue? Retire to a beach with a margarita in hand? You got it! Well, we can help you with the first two anyway, and if all goes well, the third will follow.

If you are past survival mode in your business and Nobis Barry have started to plan for expansion, it’s time to start building web applications that support your customers or your business process. There are many standard website applications that can help you reach out to your existing clients, such as email blast and newsletters, account dashboards, company blog or events pages, Facebook and Twitter campaigns, online stores, galleries and catalogs, and video. Built as a web application, this media is fully edited and controlled by you or your staff through our easy to use content manager.

Examples of Website Applications

But if you really look at your business you can probably dream up a couple of “what ifs”. Such as, “What if I can build a website that stores all my patient data, that sends out automated alerts when they are scheduled for an appointment?” “What if I build an application that allows house bands to upload a full profile with video and events schedule?” “What if I build a fully managed E-Commerce website that allows me to eliminate my brick & mortar shop and make more money?”

These are “what if’s” we have helped clients develop into working web applications. Advanced web application building can save you money in production, communication and even accounting and inventory costs. Most importantly web applications can support and grow customer relationships. Giving your customers the ability to actively participate with your company or to have the luxury of access to your product or service in an instant (online) improves your service and wins over more die hard fans. Strong customer loyalty means your customers are talking about you to their friends, family and coworkers, the kind of marketing that takes some companies decades to achieve.

Examples of Company Website Development

With your website applications doing the heavy work, you will be free to grab that margarita!

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