How to Get More Video Reviews from Your Customers

Published on
October 13, 2023
How to Get More Video Reviews from Your Customers

In today's digital age, customer reviews play a crucial role in shaping the reputation of a brand and influencing the decisions of potential customers. Video reviews, in particular, offer a dynamic and authentic way to share experiences with a product or service. They provide a visual and emotional connection that written reviews often lack. So, if you want to build trust and engage with your audience effectively, collecting video reviews from your customers is a smart move.

In this article, we'll explore how to encourage more customers to leave video reviews and the benefits of doing so. While asking for video reviews may seem like a significant request, it's a valuable way to showcase real, unfiltered feedback that can boost your brand's credibility. By implementing some simple strategies, you can make the process easy and enjoyable for your customers, ultimately strengthening your brand's image and attracting more potential buyers.

Ask for Them

One of the most direct ways to encourage video reviews from your customers is to ask for them. It's a straightforward and effective method that can yield positive results. Here's how to do it:

When a customer has had a positive experience with your product or service, reach out to them and express your gratitude for their business. Let them know that their feedback is highly valued and that you'd appreciate it if they could share their thoughts in a video review.

Keep your request friendly and straightforward. You might say something like, "We'd love to hear about your experience! If you have a moment, would you consider recording a short video review to let others know how our product/service helped you? Your honest feedback can make a real difference."

By approaching your customers with genuine appreciation and a simple request, you create an inviting atmosphere that encourages them to share their experiences with your brand. Your customers will appreciate being heard, and you'll likely see more video reviews come your way.

Showcase Other Video Reviews

Another effective way to encourage more video reviews from your customers is by showcasing existing ones. This approach creates a sense of community and helps potential reviewers see that they're part of a larger group of satisfied customers. Here's how you can do it:

On your website or social media platforms, create a dedicated section where you feature video reviews from other customers. When a customer records a video review for your product or service, ask for their permission to share it on your platforms. Ensure you have their consent, and thank them for their contribution.

Seeing their peers sharing video reviews can inspire other customers to do the same. It helps build trust and confidence among your potential reviewers, as they can relate to the experiences of others.

By highlighting these reviews, you create a supportive environment that encourages more customers to step forward and share their own thoughts in video format.

Consider Interviewing Them

For some customers, recording a video review can be a bit daunting. To make the process more approachable, you can offer to conduct an interview with them. This method adds a personal touch and provides structure for your customers' video reviews. Here's how it works:

Contact a willing customer and ask if they'd be comfortable with a short video interview about their experience with your product or service. Use video conferencing tools like Zoom, Skype, or even a smartphone to conduct the interview. Prepare a list of questions to guide the conversation. Start with general queries about their overall experience and then delve into specific aspects of your product or service.

By interviewing your customers, you not only make the process less intimidating for them but also show that you value their feedback. This approach can lead to more detailed and engaging video reviews that prospective customers will find valuable.

Give Them Guidance

Encouraging your customers to create video reviews becomes more manageable when you provide them with guidance. Offering a clear framework can alleviate any uncertainty they might have about what to include. Here are some steps to help you guide your customers through the video review process:

Send them a list of questions or prompts that they can consider when recording their video. These questions could be related to their overall experience, specific features of your product, or any challenges they overcame. You might ask them what motivated them to make a purchase in the first place or how your product/service has improved their life.

In addition to written guidance, you can create a simple video tutorial or a step-by-step infographic that explains how to record and submit their video review. Offering multiple forms of guidance ensures that your customers have all the tools they need to create compelling video content. By making the process clear and straightforward, you're more likely to receive valuable and engaging video reviews.

By implementing these strategies, you can make the process of collecting video reviews more accessible and enjoyable for your customers. In return, your brand gains authentic, engaging content that builds trust and attracts potential customers. So, don't hesitate to ask for those video reviews and harness the power of visual storytelling in your marketing efforts.

Benefits of Having Video Reviews

Video reviews offer several significant benefits for both businesses and potential customers. If you are unsure about pursuing video reviews, these benefits will show you why there are so important. Here are some key advantages to video reviews:

1. Authenticity: Video reviews provide an authentic and unfiltered view of a customer's experience. They allow potential buyers to see and hear real people sharing their thoughts and emotions, which can significantly impact their trust and confidence in a brand.

2. Visual and Emotional Connection: Unlike text-based reviews, video reviews offer a visual and emotional connection. Viewers can see facial expressions, body language, and hear the tone of voice, which adds depth and sincerity to the feedback.

3. Demonstrations: Video reviews often include demonstrations of the product or service in action. This hands-on experience helps potential customers better understand how the offering works and how it could benefit them.

4. Relatability: Video reviews humanize the brand. When customers share their experiences on camera, potential buyers can relate to their stories and situations. This relatability fosters a sense of trust and community.

5. Credibility: Video reviews enhance a brand's credibility. When multiple customers share positive experiences, it validates the quality and reliability of the product or service. This credibility can help overcome skepticism and objections.

6. Increased Engagement: Videos are engaging and captivating. Potential customers are more likely to watch a video review than read a lengthy written review. This increased engagement can lead to better retention and understanding of the customer's perspective.

7. SEO and Website Traffic: Video reviews can boost a website's search engine optimization (SEO) efforts. They attract more visitors and keep them on the site longer, both of which are factors that search engines consider when ranking web pages.

8. Sharability: Video reviews are highly shareable. Customers are more likely to share video content with their social circles, increasing brand exposure and potentially reaching new audiences.

9. Emotional Impact: Video reviews can convey the emotional impact of a product or service. They can show how a solution solved a problem or made a positive change in the customer's life, making it easier for potential buyers to connect with the brand on a personal level.


In conclusion, video reviews can be a game-changer for your business. They offer authentic and engaging insights into your products or services, helping potential customers make informed decisions. Video reviews are an amazing way to make your customers feel engaged and encourage them to participate.

Asking your customers for video reviews and showcasing existing ones keeps your website interesting and engaging. The benefits are numerous, from building trust and connecting with your audience to boosting your brand's reputation. So, don't hesitate to embrace video reviews as a valuable tool for growth and success in our digital age.

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