Does your Marketing Plan Have Mobility?

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September 25, 2014
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The days of throwing out a simple marketing plan to the masses has come and gone.

Whether your company does in-house marketing or leaves it up to outside providers, you have to look at all the different aspects of today’s marketing world. Most notably, mobile marketing continues to capture market share.

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From small businesses to the larger, creating a solid mobile marketing plan means planning, design, and technical execution.

First and foremost, you have to know what your goals are when it comes to mobile marketing.

Keep in mind the following:

How much time and effort are you planning to devote to mobile design? It is important that your site’s mobile design is well optimized. In the event the visitor has a bad user experience, do you think they will want to come back and visit you again?

As studies have shown, 67 percent of mobile device users note they prefer to do business on a website that is mobile-optimized, while just over 60 percent report indicated they would easily move to another site in less than 30 seconds if they don’t find what they want immediately. The bottom line, make sure your mobile design supports your marketing efforts, not hinders them;

When you have the right responsive design, your marketing abilities grow. This allows users to run with any device (smartphone, tablets, desktops, laptops etc.) and have a positive experience. A responsive design helps in assisting your online marketing initiatives. Among those initiatives should be quality marketing content, social media efforts that should include Twitter, Google+, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and more, and email marketing. Just because someone is using a mobile device to view your site does notresponsive design for ipad and tabletsfying, that is of course if you put the time and effort into your mobile design;

Unless you don’t pay attention to the news, you likely have an inkling or more that mobile Ecommerce sales are through the roof these days. Mobile devices keep grabbing a larger share of the desktop Ecommerce pie, with mobile phones witnessing a more than 20 percent uptick in the last four years. Meantime, tablets have more than doubled their share of Ecommerce site visits in just the last two years alone.

If you are not already, your business needs to zero in on producing mobile sales and driving both engagement and loyalty.

Speaking of loyalty, this is a great opportunity to reward those customers doing regular business with you. Give them access on their mobile devices to specials, coupons and more. Being able to walk into your business with a mobile device and show you a coupon or deal that you offered is great for business.

While there is much more to the mobile marketing world, these are just a sampling of the ideas and measures you need to keep in mind to grow your brand.

Make sure your mobile design is relevant and receptive to consumers, and then market it like you have never marketed before.

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