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July 19, 2011
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Blogging can help your company reach out to your existing and potential customers. But not all blogs are created equal. Some simple dos and don’ts to follow when writing your company blog can make a big difference in the effectiveness of your blog.

First, choose the best blogger in your company. This is not always the CEO…as in our case English is our CEO’s 2nd language, so although he has the best ideas, his passion for web development fall upon me to blog about. Your “company blogger” should:

have a great working knowledge of the company and be a true believer

be able to write in a natural, authentic voice

be able to respond diplomatically to comments

have the time to read other blogs in the industry and write thoughtful blogs.

know the web, some ideas about SEO and linking

Second, provide interesting and/or relevant information for your audience. Stay away from pitching products or advertising. Don’t write for search engines! What do you want your blog to communicate? Some tips on content:

keep it honest, blogging is community based and someone will spot you out immediately

stay conversational, show a little of the personal touch

content should be interesting, relevant, or enlightening (or all three!)

keep it short and to the point

Lastly, make sure people (especially customers) can find your blog. You may have great content posted but if no one can find it….well like the proverbial tree in the forest…

get your blog listed on multiple sites

post your blog URL in your email and other marketing materials

use ethical SEO practices

Now, you have an idea of where to start…next week stay tuned for part 2 of How Successful Blogging Boosts Your Internet Marketing Campaign

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